ZTE SCXL, SCXM, SCXN and SCTM Difference

ZTE C300 C350 OLT supports several main control boards, SCXL, SCXM, SCXN, and SCTM. When we configure C300, we always be confused, what are the differences. Here we will compare these control board in below aspects.

Switching capacity:

SCXL: 800 Gbps.

SCXM : 480 Gbps

SCXN: 480 Gbps

SCTM: 2.56 Tbps (equivalent to 2560 Gbps).

MAC address table:

SCXL: 32k

SCXM : 32K

SCXN: 32k MAC address table, and VoIP function (with VoIP daughter-card).

SCTM: 256K

Uplink ports:

SCXL: No uplink ports integrated


SCXM : No uplink ports integrated


SCXN: Provides 4 SFP GE optical uplink interfaces


SCTM: Provides 4 SFP+ 10GE optical uplink interfaces (can be configured to SFP GE interfaces)


Here’s a table summarizing the key differences:

Switching capacity 800 Gbps 480 Gbps 480 Gbps 2.56 Tbps (2560 Gbps)
MAC address table 32k 32k 32k 256k
Uplink ports None None 4 x GE (VoIP opt.) 4 x 10GE

SCTM offers the highest performance, with 10*GE uplink port, high MAC address table and high switching capacity. The choice of which model to use depends on your specific needs of the network. If you still have questions about them, welcome to contact us.

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