What are the Differences of Huawei MA5800 Control Boards?

MA5800 Control board

Huawei MA5800 OLT main control boards includes MPLA,MPLB,MPSC, MPSA and MPSG, and each board has different versions such H901 H902 H903 H905 etc. All these control boards support the following functions:
1, Active/standby switchover on the control plane
2, Load balancing on the forwarding plane
3, Local and remote maintenance through the management serial port (CON) or management Ethernet port (ETH)
4, Environment monitoring through serial port ESC

Are there any function and performance function among these board? Below table will give you an answer.

Chassis supported MA5800 X7 / X15 / X17 MA5800 X2
Bandwidth per slot (load balancing mode) 100 Gbit/s 200 Gbit/s 80 Gbit/s 40 Gbit/s 40 Gbit/s
Upstream or cascading port 4*10GE/GE 4*10GE/GE 4*10GE/GE 2*10GE/GE+2*GE
ALM port No No Yes
(7 Boolean value inputs and 1 Boolean value output)
BITS/TOD port No No Yes (1 external clock/time input and output)
MAC address table size 262143 262143 262143 262143 262143
Access ONTs 17408 17408 4096 4096 4096
Multicast users 17408 17408 4096 4096 4096
IPv4 routing table size 65536 65536 65536 65536 65536
IPv6 routing table size 16384 16384 16384 16384 16384
Service ports 139264 139264 32768 32768 32768
ND table size 16384 16384 16384 16384 16384
ARP table size 66048
(earlier than V100R017C10)
(earlier than V100R017C10)
98816 (V100R017C10) 32768 32768
98816 (V100R017C10) 98816
131072 (V100R018C00 and V100R018C10 versions)
(V100R018C00 and later versions)
131072 (V100R018C00 and later versions) 32768 (V100R019C00 and later versions)
Ethernet synchronization Yes Yes Yes Yes No
1588v2 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
1588ACR Yes Yes No No No
D-CCAP Yes Yes No No No

In the preceding table, the IPv4 routing table and ARP table share the same storage space, and the IPv6 routing table and the ND table share the same storage space.
H901MPLA, H902MPLA and H903MPLA are slot compatible.
H901MPLB and H902MPLB are slot compatible.
H901MPSC and H901MPSA are not slot compatible.
H901MPSC and H901MPSA,management and environment monitoring can share the same serial port.

In summary, these control boards play crucial roles in managing and controlling MA5800, ensuring efficient service delivery and network management. Each board has specific features tailored to its use case and deployment scenario.If you are still unclear their difference, you can contact us via email directly, we will send you more document for review.

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